Building DSpace 6.3

If you’re on Ubuntu 18.04 and higher, create a container with Ubuntu 16.04 first, and follow these instructions inside the container (this avoids issues I’ve experienced with incompatible dependencies and APIs from OpenJDK 9 and upwards).

Note that the build process requires internet access regardless of whether you choose to use a binary release, source release, or the git tagged release. If you need to run DSpace on a machine with limited internet access you can build it on another machine just transfer the files over.

Install Maven, Git and version 8 of OpenJDK:

sudo apt install openjdk-8-jdk maven git

Inside the DSpace directory, run:

mvn package

Mirage 2 theme

If you need the newer Mirage 2 theme, you need to modify two files (paths are relative to the DSpace directory) prior to building with Maven:

vim dspace/config/xmlui.xconf

And replace the currently selected theme with the following line:

<theme name="Mirage 2" regex=".*" path="Mirage2/" />

And now apply the fix from DS-4115 and the fix from DS-4144:

vim dspace/modules/xmlui-mirage2/pom.xml

And build DSpace:

mvn package -Dmirage2.on=true