In-depth tech talks

I’ve found that some tech talks and lectures are worth rewatching from time to time, usually because they’re information-dense and require a bit of research or hands-on participation from the viewers perspective to get a full understanding of the content. Here’s a few of my favourite, in-depth talks:

CPython Internals

This is a playlist of lectures on the internal workings of the official Python 2 implementation.

Serving Netflix video at 400Gbps on FreeBSD

A great deep-dive into experimentation to improve throughput on a real-world system.

Light years ahead – The 1969 Apollo guidance computer

An excellent walkthrough of the inner workings of the guidance computer which offers great insight into the way cutting-edge systems were designed for the space programme.

You suck at Excel

Presented by Joel Spolsky, the former programme manager for Excel at Microsoft (and current CEO of Stack Exchange), this talk covers a good, general workflow for power users of Excel, and helps to illustrate the ways in which the software can be less frustrating to use for people used to more technical approaches to problem solving.

The world’s worst video card?

This video covers the process of creating a basic VGA-compatible video card from standard electronic components.